Friday, 17 June 2011

Mother Nature's Seasoning

One of our customers * Sandra W, from Burton-on-Trent * asked us if we could help her to find a seasoning salt called "Nature's Seasons" that Morton's make and sell in USA. She'd contacted Mortons (keen!) but they said they did not export.
We looked at the idea and, after a couple of trials, came up with our own light and deliciously-tasty variant on this idea. We call ours Mother Nature's Seasoning and it delightfully seasons any lighter flavoured dishes - salads, cheese, chicken, eggs . . . . . .

While we were developing the flavour, we thought about our customers who prefer a "Low-Salt" (reduced Sodium) diet, and we also have an option for them too; while "regular" Mother Nature's Seasoning is Sea-Salt based (although still only around one third of it its content is salt), our Low Salt variety is even lower - around half that amount of sodium salt, and a lot healthier* if you want to keep your sodium intake lower to be kind to your heart!

(*If you or someone in your family has a medical problem that means they should keep a low Potassium intake diabetes, heart or kidney problem, then they should check with their doctor before switching to this or any "sodium substitute" salt)

Oh - If you don't like to eat animal products, this (like many of our products) is Vegan too.

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