Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Bacon? in Saudi Arabia?

I spent a lot of years working in Saudi before I married Amanda.  The one thing that I really missed  -  well, there were two actually ;-)  -  was my breakfast BACON!

A friend told me about BaconSalt . . . . . but by which time I had left Saudi to live in Southport UK  :-(

But I frequently get feedback from some of my old friends in "The Arabian Gulf" that Bacon-Salt has solved their desires - at least for bacon.  They add it to their eggs, their baked spuds, even marinade veal chops in it beore barbcuing and fool their friends that they are serving much-prized (and probably smuggled) pork chops!  Using BaconSalt as a marinage or a rub really does make "everything taste like bacon".

There's a lot of expats in the Middle-East who order from us e very time they come home on vacation sothat they can take their bacon flavouring back with them to keep them (and their friends) happy when they can't get bacon for breakfast! in USA
www.crazy4flavour in UK and Europe

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