Sunday, 11 December 2011

Postman Pat is getting slower - It's getting close to the "Post By" date.

The Royal Mail is recommending that "small packages"
like BaconSalt, MaltSalt and our own Mother Nature's Seasoning, should be posted by the end of this week (17th December) to ensure their arrival in time for Christmas. So if you're thinking of a stocking-filler for someone (or even for yourself!) then you need to get your order in this week.

At the end of November, we doubled-up on our usual order from USA but, by last week we were on the phone again to "J&D's" in Seattle to get another order shipped to us Express, as BaconSalt and Maltsalt are flying out of our door. It's certainly the busiest Christmas we've had since we started just over three years ago!

Order your BaconSalt, MaltSalt, Mother Nature's Seasoning, now, to make sure it arrives 0n-time.

A very merry Christmas to all our customers :-)

Amanda & Stu

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