Wednesday, 27 October 2010

MaltSalt going Crazy!

MaltSalt is selling far faster than we expected!  Even while we were waiting for our first delivery, when nobody in UK had ever tasted it, we realised that we hadn't ordered enough and had more shipped.  As soon as we started taking orders we were deluged with them and we've placed yet another order from J&Ds in Seattle and it's on its way now.  Hopefully we'll be able to keep up!

My stepson, in the university in Ormskirk, visited last weekend and tasted the bottle that Amanda had opened to sample it herself - loved it - and the bottle immediately disappeared into his pocket!  Hopefully he'll share with his mates at Uni and they will be ordering their own stash.

The demand for Malt Salt has also increased our BaconSalt sales, so we've had to make an "emergency order" for that too so as not to disappoint our customers!

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