Friday, 14 January 2011

Christmas Is Over

Christmas was hectic here!

We had almost "panic buying" and our stocks barely arrived fast enough.  It wasn't helped by UK Customs holding one shipment for 6 days before releasing it.  We were out of MaltSalt for almost a week, and just running out of a couple of flavours of BaconSalt when  our last shipment arrived, only just making it in time to ship out outstanding orders the day before "Last Christmas Posting Date". So the Friday before Christmas was a real panic packing session and the car was well loaded on the way to our local Post Office (we tied up one counter for over half an hour that day).  We knew that some of our customers were waiting for "stocking-fillers" so we really wanted to make sure that everything went out in time.  From responses that we got I'm pretty sure everyone got theirs by Christmas Eve.  "Thanks, Royal Mail".

After a bit of a rest before New Year (very few orders) we're now working at putting ourselves on eBay again.  So far we have the 3-packs of Bacon-Salt on there, but we plan to put more of our range on, including Malt Salt and the other Bacon-Salt products, as well as the "Eastern Spices", Baconnaise, and Bacon Ranch Dressing.

We also have just 2 weeks to finish our tax return (ugh!) and submit it - but we don't want to remind you about taxation do we?

Our evening meal tonight was Corned Beef Hash, with corned beef, tiny-cubed potatoes and carrots.  As well as Lea and Perrin's, I added a couple of teaspoons of Original BaconSalt.  Tasted very good  :-)  We'll try to get some more recipes on here in the coming weeks.

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