Thursday, 21 October 2010

Malt Salt is now in UK!

Malt Salt has arrived at last!

There was a delay in shipping due to the factory in Seattle not having enough of one of the ingredients but today, a week behind schedule, Malt-Salt is now available from us - the FIRST to bring MaltSalt into UK.

Fish 'n Chips, HOT and without the SOGGY!

Now, days are gone when the chippie adds cold vinegar and your Fish & Chips arrive home cold and soggy.  Keep Malt Salt at home and you can add Sea Salt and Vinegar Powder there to have your food as crispy as it came out of the fryer.

Malt Salt is the creation of Justin and Dave, of J&D's Foods (who brought you BaconSalt) and even in USA, the supermarkets are clamouring for stock.  As the main UK/EU importer for their customers here, J&D's gave us a bit of priority - it arrived today and we have it now

Don't forget that we include postage in our pricing, and we'll combine orders of MaltSalt, BaconSalt, and our Eastern Spices.  If you order one of each, you'll get the postage actually charged at the 3-pack rate.

At the moment we are supplying individuals but, in a wek or so, we'll be working with a newspaper group in the Merseyside/Lancashire area to introduce it to chippies around here.  But don't wait - get your personal supply now!

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