Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Soon - MaltSalt!

Earlier this year, J&D's brought out another new product, but Bacon Ranch was still in the "Bacon Theme", as were all of their other products.

Well Justin and Dave have pushed the envelope now - another new launch, but this time - Malt!

MaltSalt  is packaged in the traditional BaconSalt "shaker" jars, but this time it's Malt Vinegar without the cold soggy effect that you get putting vinegar on your Fish & Chips!  Just take your FnC home from the chippy without cold, wet vinegar and shake on your MaltSalt.  FnC that's still hot and crisp - Aaaah :)

 MaltSalt is going off the shelves in USA like there's no tomorrow, and what do the Yanks know about Fish and Chips?  We're already seeing customers asking "when".  This is going to revolutionise Friday Tea-time in UK!

Crazy4Flavour has stock leaving USA this week (the earliest we could get a shipment!) so keep an eye on the web site, or email us to reserve a jar at  We're expecting the first consignment to arrive in about a week and a half, and more a week after that.

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