Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New Products Introduced

Two new spices added to the range - Completely different and we believe not available elsewhere in UK.

Black Lemon Powder - Uniquely now available from us, this is lemons, dried from orchard in Iran and ground to a fine powder in the processors in Bahrain to use as a "rub" for lamb (or mutton or even goat!). The lemon counteracts the greasiness often found in lamb dishes and gives a tang to the meat that is incomparable. We have used it at home since I discovered Black Lemon some years ago in the Middle-East, and now it's on sale here.

Arabian Spice Blend - From the route of the old Eastern Spice Caravans, the Arabian Spice Blend is 16 different herbs and spices which are traditionally used in the Middle-East to give an exotic flavour to chicken and lamb. Marinade the meat in the spice, and then cook in the marinade, slowly, until the meat is tender and just thicken the juices before serving. It can also be used as a "base" for an aromatic curry - just add what you need to make it hot (as hot or otherwise as you like)

These new products opens up your kitchen to a whole flavour experience.

Keep watching - soon we are planning to add still more to the range.

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