Thursday, 16 April 2009

Business Picking up :)

After almost 4 months or hard work, trying to promote BaconSalt, business is starting to pick up. A good number of orders received in the last 24 hours, and a good "representation" from the Scandahooligans! It seems that the Danes introduced Britain to Danish Bacon, and now Scandinavians are almost our best customers!

Work progresses on the web-shop upgrade, and we're almost ready to "launch" the two new spices from the "East" - Black Lemon powder and Arabian spice blend - indeed, samples have already gone to a few customers.

Today's customers have also been sent samples of "Amanda's Farmhouse Bacon Chocolate". After sample-testing at the local market, it appears that folks either love it or think it's "disgusting"! So our customers can make up their own minds now - free!

Amanda's off to her evening job now,and I have "screen-eyes", so time to quit. Thanks for the support from all of our customers!!

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