Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Overseas Adventures

As promised, the Crazy Team are hunting for new tastes to add to the web-shop, including the long-promised Black Lemon. My travels have taken me to the Middle-East, places where Bacon is banned - Aaagh!

How do you survive in a country where there's no bacon, ham, pork? And where some of the local food tastes like **** to Westerners? The answer is in BaconSalt (not "Bacon Salt"!) I took a supply with me, and no worries about getting grabbed by the Airport Customs for "smuggling Bacon", as BaconSalt contains no Bacon (and not too much Salt), but it makes the unfamiliar grub taste acceptable - Gooood.

I'll be back at the shop soon, with new additions to the range (Oh, what I go through for you guys) and Amanda is faithfully keeping the orders going out while I've been away (and that is going to cost me on my return - there has been mention of a weekend trip to Liverpool - errrr?)

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