Monday, 11 January 2010

Christmas Problems - and New Products

Delays   :)
My family from Philadelphia departed safely on Christmas Day back to The States, and the Bacon-Brined-Turkey was a huge sucess.  Fortunately they were not on the flight where  some fool tried to blow up his underwear that day!

But not all was well -   Almost 2 weeks before Christmas, we placed an order to top up our dwindling stocks of Hickory and Natural Bacon-Salt, and it left the factory on the 14th of December.  It still hadn't arrived long after New Year and we started to worry!  The shippers at the USA end said that they could track it from Seattle to San Francisco where it arrived on the 17th, but at the UK end they assured us that it hadn't arrived on the 5th of January.

Fortunately it reappeared 'on the radar' at the end of last week and arrived with us today - a rush to get outstanding orders out in time for the post today!  Apologies to customers who accepted alternative, and those who chose to be patient and wait for deliveries.  Everything that was due has now been shipped.


We had been waiting a couple of weeks to announce new products (some were in the delayed shipment), and today we have started to update the web site to include these.

In our 'Eastern Spices' range we have now added Saffron - top quality and very pure Iranian Saffron.  For those who don't know, Saffron is a very aromatic (when cooked) spice that is the stigma of the Iranian Crocus, and gives a lovely yellow colour to foods ('Saffron Rice' is one that any lover of Indian food will know),  It's expensive, but a very little is required for the full effect - only about 10p or maybe 15p per serving.

J&D's Maple Bacon-Salt has been added to the Bacon-Salt range from J&D's foods.  This gives a subtly sweet and smokey flavour to the baconey taste of Bacon-Salt.

Just before Christmas, J&D's also launched Bacon Ranch Dressing Mix in America.  This is a fantastic sachet that you add to buttermilk, cream cheese, or yoghourt, to really liven up a salad or as a fantastic dip that will be the first to go at any party!  (Like all of J&D's products, it's okay for Vegetarians, certified KOF-K Kosha, and not too heavy on the salt content.)

Supplies were initially a bit limited due to USA demand, but we managed to get enough to satisfy our customers for a while, and we'll be including more in our next shipment (soon!)

Finally . . . . .

A very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

to all of our customers.

Amanda & Stu

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