Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas Turkey - Bacon-Brined!

With Christmas approaching, and with our daughter and her (American) family visiting us for the holiday, we decided that we should show our Trans-Atlantic guests that Brits could do at least as well as they do for their Thanksgiving Dinners - Maybe even to beat them!

So we went back to the recipe that we published here for Bacon-Salt Brined Chicken, added improvements that we've made over the past year, and planning to cook our turkey that way.

One of my favourite web sites is, and they are running a competition for Christmas Foods 'instructables' so we thought it would be a good idea to enter this - with a lot of luck, we could add a brand new food processor to the Crazy4Flavour 'test kitchen'!

Rather than compose the whole thing here again, I'll simplify my efforts and add the URL for the 'Instructables' web site. (Read it here - click)

If you like the recipe, please leave us a '5-star' - It might help us to win the food processor!

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