Monday, 4 May 2009

Lemon Roast Chicken!

Oooh! In all the years in the Middle-East, I used Lemon Powder to cook lamb - never thought much about other ideas (apart from mashed-potato patties, fried for breakfast, and a few other things like that)

Yesterday, Amanda cooked us Roast Chicken and generously rubbed it with Black Lemon Powder (after "annointing" the skin with olive oil) and - Wow! It was fantastic hot, and the left-overs (it was a big chicken!!) were even better cold for lunch today with a salad and new potatoes.

Normally we use Bacon-Salt on our roast chicken, but this will be a new addition to our regular family menu - maybe with Bacon-Salt stuffing ;)

There was a slight delay in the packaging for the new spices from the Middle-East, but now we have stocks all ready to ship and we're just waiting for the web shop ( to be updated so we can start selling.

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