Monday, 4 May 2009

Sunflower snacks

I've got a little behind (my wife likes it though!) (sorry, couldn't resist that) but here's a response from "Bernie" from Denmark (we all know the Danes are really into Bacon)
Hey Stu.
Got my order today. I made a snack recipe you might wanna try out, its good!, (Bernie's Bacon Seeds) roast some sunflower seeds on dry pan just until they are a little crispy, put the seeds in a little bowl and add some sunflower seed oil (only to make the bacon salt stick on) then add bacon salt hickory (don't be cheep) enjoy! :)

Thanks for that Bernie - it gave us an inspiration for the "tasters" at the local food market last week; we didn't get sunflower seeds, but we oiled and "salted" peanuts with BaconSalt, as well as popping some corn with the magic ingredient. Both tasted great and were well-received by our visitors.

Pity about the British weather that day though :(

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  1. I've just been given a packet of bacon salt and I'm going to test it this weekend! Need to have a think about what would be good tasting like bacon. Apart from everything of course!

    I'll post my results on my blog next week. Check them out at


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