Monday, 2 February 2009

Bacon Chocolate (Improved method!)

We didn't get to try out the Bacon Chocolate again when intended - the kids ate the chocolate! But here's how we did it when we got another supply . . . . .

My problem was "burning" the chocolate in the microwave - NOT the way to melt chocolate I am informed! This time the choc was broken up and placed in a large bowl, a size that would fit over a saucepan without the bottom of the bowl reaching more than halfway down the saucepan. Quarter-fill the pan with hot water, and then slowly simmer the water whilst stirring the choc as it melts. The bowl should not touch the boiling water, but be gently heated by the steam.

Once it is all molten and nicely fluid, then add a rounded teaspoon per 100 gms of choc. (more if you prefer, but we found that the "subtle" bacon taste was perfect)

Once well-mixed, pour the choc out onto a cold plate with a sheet of grease-proof paper on it. Once it has cooled (meanwhile clean out the bowl with your finger!) break into mouth-sized portions and consume at leisure.

Initially the choc flavour is most obvious, but the bacon-flavour develops deliciously, and finally there's just a tiny crunch from the BaconSalt spices that remain after all of the choc has dissolved.

Next time we're in town shopping, we're going to look out for some of those little rubbery ice-trays for fancy ice-cubes. The ones with bunny-shaped moulds should be great for Easter!

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