Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Our Bacon-Salt Prices Down!

Great News!  A little while ago, J&D's dropped their wholesale prices, and now the lower priced stock has worked its way into our inventory (we try to keep a good stock on-hand, of all the varieties, so that we don't have to disappoint our customers) so that we can now pass on the savings.

We've also kept our postage as low as possible (we only 'charge' a pound for shipping single jars, whilst it actually costs us around 35% more than that) so that what is our selling price for a jar (£2.45) costs you just £3.45 a jar delivered by 2nd class post.  We don't add postage at the last stage when you finally check out.

That's to let customers try Bacon-Salt without committing to a larger order of 3 jars at a time - of course, we far prefer if our customers buy larger quantities, as it is more cost-effective on postage (for you and for us), as well as on what Google Checkout takes from us on each sale as their 'commission' for handling your cards (we never even see the card details)

So don't let anyone else tell you that "they sell BaconSalt at the lowest price" - just look at what they charge for postage as well, then compare.

The other thing that we do to try to be as fair as possible is to make reductions (or refunds) when you order multiple items from any of our range.  If that causes the postage to be calculated too high, then we reduce the charge to what the postage actually costs us (Check our feed-back on Google Checkout to see what our satisfied customers have said about us - there's not a single complaint, and we have no say in what gets published there.)

Our aim is, and has always been, to give our customers a fair deal and we'll continue to do just that.


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