Sunday, 27 September 2009

More New Products

It's been a while since the last update, but there's lots of news . . . . .

We've added two new BaconSalt varieties - Cheddar and Applewood Smoke.

Cheese is just a natural bedfellow to Bacon, so that one should be very popular. When I've been in a hurry, a cheese and bacon sarnie was quicker to make with Cheese and BaconSalt, and now I can 'grab a bite' even faster with the Cheddar BaconSalt!

We've been asked to get the Applewood in, so that one's available on the shop now too. Next? Maybe the Jalapeno in our next shipment???

Another new taste from the Middle East is Za'atar Spice. This one's very popular as a condiment for bread; Traditionally used with Arabic Bread (a bit like Pitta, but thinner and round-shaped) but these days very popular as a fill in Croissantes. You can also use it to 'spice up' Hommus, or even flavour meat in cooking.

Last Week at the Food Fair

We had a stand at the local Food Fair which was located conveniently close to Pippins Restaurant, so a swift negotiation with the manager and I was carting bowls of chips to the stand and sprinkling them with Hickory BaconSalt. With me wandering around in front of the stand, and offering 'BaconSalt Chips' to the passers-by resulted in Amanda getting mobbed with sales!

There was a total range of customers who tasted chips with BaconSalt and made a bee-line for the counter - everyone from 10 years old to pensioner ladies! The stand was a complete success, thanks to Pippins Chips.

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