Monday, 26 January 2009

Bacon Chocolate (mark 1)

After hearing about Selfridges London store selling out of bacon-flavour-chocolate, (google "Mo's Bacon Bar") I wondered about "BaconSalt Chocolate" (okay, we've already tried it with ice-cream!)

I took 100 gm of Cadbury's Dairy Milk and decided to melt it down, add BaconSalt, and see what was the result. I knew Amanda would call me daft, so I sneaked around the kitchen while she was engrossed in a DVD movie, and tried to gently heat the chocolate in the microwave. This was not a 100% success! At first nothing much happened, and the chocolate refused to melt. but then it started turning powdery - not good! I'd added about 3/4 of a level teaspoon and I then put the dish with the chocolate into a bigger dish of hot water and continued, in the hope it would turn liquid. (it didn't!)

Finally I added a little milk and stirred it frequently, and the consistency improved a bit, so I spread it on a shallow disk and refrigerated. The result had a sort of crunchy "fudge" consistency and I tried Amanda out on it - she was moderately impressed, but said I obviously didn't know how to melt chocolate (well, she used to work many years ago in a Thorntons shop, so she should know!) I think it's even more "more-ish" than regular chocolate and our teenage kids, Holly and Alex obviously like it too as I noticed this morning that a lot had vanished from the fridge before we got up!

Tomorrow Amanda has promised to show me how to do it "properly"!

Bookmark this space!!


  1. If you microwave chocolate its OK but just do 60 secs at a time. Leave it for 20 secs or so in between. Gradually the chocolate will soften creamily and it you can use it for your favourite recipe.

  2. Thanks for the tip "Anon E. Mouse"!


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