Thursday, 4 December 2008

You Don't Have To Give Up Bacon!

I discovered BaconSalt because I love bacon - not because I wanted to stop eating it! Sometimes I need a real breakfast (being a healthy growing lad!!) and Amanda frowns as she gets out the frying pan, or at least fires-up the grill.

Coming from the South of England as I do, I've discovered different food-stuffs up here in Murky-Side, including a wonderful "snack-wrapper" locally called a "bin-lid" - more region-wide referred to as a Stottie (see Wikipedia) which is a bread bun, sometimes as much as a foot in diameter, which is split and filled with all sorts of breakfast goodies.
Our frying pan is about the same size as a 9-inch bin-lid from ASDA, so a couple of eggs, with the yokes slightly broken, fit just nicely, and four rashers of (grilled - for my heart's sake!) spread on top, the whole filling dusted with Pepperd BaconSalt makes a great breakfast for a chilly, damp, Murky-side morning.

Amanda has promised (threatened?) to do her "Slimmimg World" (or heart case!) Bacon Flan for me at the weekend . . . Please darling, can I have Bacon and BaconSalt in this too?

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