Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sales Coming In

Sales orders starting to come through now . . . .

One was for a lass who works in Saudi Arabia - as I know from sad personal experience, a place where all forms of pig-meat are banned, and the Western Expat population are desperate enough to travel to Bahrain to get their "weekend breakfast fix"! She was on holiday at home in Scotland when she heard about BaconSalt being available in UK and ordered eight bottles to take back with her!

I've done "mock pork barbecues" in Saudi, with veal chops marinaded in pork stock cubes, but I bet with BaconSalt sprinkled over, veal will be even better. Might give the "Turkey Bacon" a lot more flavour too!

Meanwhile, I tried Dave Lefkow's (the originator of Bacon Salt) father's favourite - BaconSalt on Ice Cream - Just on one corner - I didn't think that one did it for me until I got to a bit where there was just a hint of BaconSalt, and that was certainly something I'll check out again. (At the moment I've run out of Ice Cream :(

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