Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Origin of Crazy 4 Flavour

Working in the Middle-East for the last 20 years was a real "hardship post". You've probably heard how most countries there either ban booze completely or restrict its availability. As if this wasn't enough, they make even life harder by not allowing bacon! Imagine - Life without bacon :(

One of my "online friends" on an internet forum posted a link to BaconSalt, probably just to get me drooling, but by that time I was based back in UK and eating far more lovely bacon than my newly-acquired wife thought was good for me, so I checked-out where to buy this apparently wonderful solution to the
wife's nagging about my fat intake and my lust for the taste of bacon. I checked through the list of sellers on the web site, and found that there was nobody selling in Europe, so contacted J&D's in Seattle to order some, but it cost me as much in shipping as it did for the BaconSalt! Someone should be selling this wonderful stuff on the Eastern side of the Atlantic!

Look what a wife-approved "healthy" sausage, bacon, and eggs looks like:
The BaconSalt is mixed in with the eggs while cooking, and some more sprinkled on the top - It's awesome!

So began the concept of CRAZY4FLAVOUR. After finding that it really did go with everything,and with my own supplies running out (the kids love it too, and put it on everything!) I decided to import in bulk and sell what our family didn't use!

Company name now registered, the domain in UK (as well as Europe, and the "dot-com") bought, company bank account, all this after ploughing through UK and EU food import and sales regulations to make sure that it did not contravene the myriad of laws that are visited upon us by our well-meaning (but not necessarily bacon-loving) .governments in Westminster and Brussels.

The web site is being built by LeSoftco - not finished yet (as you can see from the link!) - and the procedures for accepting Credit Cards for purchases are under way. All that is left is to get a couple of tons of the stuff shipped out from J&D's in Seattle ;)



  1. Try advertising it on particularly the Middle East section.

  2. Thanks for the link! I have plansin the future (probably early next year) totry to get it into some of the supermarkets there, but in the meantime expats,especially in Bacon-free Saudi and Qatar can order it for delivery to UK and bring it back in their suitcases returning from vacation.

    The ingredients list makes it clear that it is completely meat-free (although there is one variety that contains traces of a*c*h*l!) so customs should be no problem.


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