Thursday, 20 November 2008

Almost Ready to Go

Getting close to the launch . . . . I've been "jumping through hoops" for the WorldPay credit card account and that is probably still a few weeks away from being confirmed and the software on our site put in place by LeSoftCo, but the Google Checkout is ready to go online for all cards as soon as the stock arrives - should be here in about a week from now.

The basic price from Crazy4Flavour should be close to the ex-factory US$ price from J&D's, even after the shipping costs to UK have been paid, and postage to UK and even to Europe will be a lot less than postage from USA (and a lot faster!).

We got "hit" badly by the recent change in exchange rates for the US$ (which strengthened by some 20% in the week before our stock order was placed, and paid for!) but hope to keep the price in UK£ just under £3 for all but the more expensive "Natural", and a very competitive price now in €!

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